Sandalwood Essential Oil

I have smelled an oversized assortment of Sandalwood Essential Oil and that i tend to love them. Low-cost ones square measure typically sweet, heat and soft smelling and valuable ones smells wealthy and decadent. This oil is not like the other I actually have smelled- it smells sort of a freshly cut piece of wood, a recent processed piece of lumber. It smells therefore real, such a lot like recent wood beads. Its delicate, sensual and complicated. I supposed to mix with different notes however after I tried it as is out of the bottle, I found it to be therefore sensible Im carrying it alone as fragrance. Simply beautiful. Extremely counseled. A little bottle of pure delight. I place one drop on within the morning and that i smell it faintly coming back home at the top of the day. I place a drop on before bed to lull Maine to sleep and that i still smell it within the morning.

My previous favorite Sandalwood Essential Oil selection was Aura Cacias. I get pleasure from this one way more and in a very completely different approach. I am unable to get enough!


All of Natures Kiss merchandise square measure 100% pure and undiluted however its particularly vital to notice with Sandalwood because it is a fashionable volatile oil and infrequently diluted by different suppliers so as to form it additional value effective. This can be pure and undiluted that is why the value could also be on top of once scrutiny to others. It comes from the wood of dilleniid dicot genus spicatum that could be a native tree of Australia. Its a high note which may be thought of dry and bitter. Is taken into account to be extremely anti-microbial and even have high anti-inflammatory drug properties in aromatherapy and ancient drugs. The anti-microbial properties square measure as a result of the chemical farnesol that Sandalwood Essential Oil contains between five 10%. The anti-inflammatory drug properties of Sandalwood square measure attributed to a-bisabolol that conjointly makes United States five 10% and therefore the oil stimulates the ductless gland within the brain as a result of Its high content of sesquiterpenes. This permits for deep relaxation of the systema nervosum and why its been used therefore with success for hundreds of years in meditation.

This makes it helpful for a relaxing sleep. Sandalwood Essential Oil conjointly contains sure phytohormones that square measure just like ketosteroid in humans. Attributable to this, its been used as Associate in Nursing aphrodisiac because it is believed they bind to the receptors that ketosteroid will that will increase concupiscence.


The essence oil is incredibly authentic, one drop mixed with water within the diffuser will build the complete house smell sensible and soothing. The marvelous smell will even last consecutive day. Everyday I come home. Wood smell still emanates within the house. Terribly useful to form a soothing atmosphere in your home.

Loved this complete of Sandalwood Essential Oil. I purchased another complete that was conjointly imagined to be 100% pure and therefore the scent did not equated to the habit-forming and beguiling scent of Natures Kiss. Each was Australian. Maybe theres plenty of scent variation that happens in even the pure wood oils, and therefore the next time i could be one in all the unfortunate customers. In reading client reviews on the assorted wood oils i used to be viewing, there have been plenty additional negative reviews versus positive reviews that one typically sees on most merchandise.

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