Antiviral Essential Oils Can Provide A Natural Virus Remedy

Viruses are part of living in the twenty-first century and everyday there seems to be a new virus that is wreaking havoc on humans. Some well known viruses include the HIV/AIDs virus, herpes virus, influenza, etc. Viruses need a living host to grow and spread. However, because of the way they reproduce and mutate they are usually immune to regular antibiotics. Treatment of viruses is traditionally conducted through antiviral medication as well as immunizations.

One additional natural remedy that seems to have an effect on viruses is antiviral essential oils. Understanding how these antiviral essential oils work, the particular plant family that these oils are derived from and a virus they are effective against is important natural remedy knowledge to be aware of.


How Antiviral Essential Oils Work

Essential oils are created through a distillation process that utilizes the ingredients from various items found on the planet. These items are generally herbal in nature and can include plant life such as trees, herbs, flowers, etc. In addition, another item used to create essential oils is from various spices.

One such antiviral essential oil is known as Melissa essential oil. This oil has proven to be effective through the use of direct application upon certain viral lesions found on the infected person’s body. In addition, if the individual is displaying certain symptoms or sensations and the knowledge that an outbreak is eminent, the antiviral essential oil can be placed upon the area as a preventative measure. Some studies indicate that viral outbreaks can be treated as well as in some instances a total remission of further viral outbreaks.

Plant Family

The specific antiviral essential oil known as Melissa essential oil is derived from the Lamiaceae plants. These plants have been studied by a number of doctors and have proven to be very effective against certain viruses. To date, doctors have categorized over 100 plants within the Lamiaceae plant family that have shown encouraging results when treating viruses.

In addition, further studies have indicated that various other essential oils derived from different plant families have shown some effectiveness in treating certain kinds of viruses. The effectiveness of these antiviral essential oils is due to the molecular composition of the oil and its ability to permeate the skin and tissue to counter the effects of the virus.


Viruses Affected

One specific virus that appears to be affected by an antiviral essential oil is the herpes virus. In fact, it is reported that a single application of the Melissa essential oil was sufficient enough to put that individual’s herpes infection into remission. The testing and positive results of the use of this antiviral essential oil has allowed for the commercialization of this oil in a cream that is now being distributed in a European country.

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