New types of electric hair straightening brush

If you look through sometimes commercials, you might see new electric hair straightening brush named Simply Straight hair brush. Despite that it is not a brand new one, it is still sold on Amazon successfully. Majority of exciting feedbacks made me to create own review.
I would like to invite to look closer on the most affordable brush on the market.

You are able to utilize it only with dry hair. Please be so kind to turn up till 450F if you are expected to receive salon gorgeous result. It is ideal for medium or long length hair strands despite that it was designed for all types of versatile locks. If your strands tend to become tangled or matted, you should be extremely happy as brush provides lack of frizzes due to ceramic components.

Further, you will be advised about respective pros and cons which every brush has without doubts.


Modern digital display allows you to see set temperature level. Even if you forget to switch it of, shut off button will do it for you for sure.
It is said that brush is perfect for all lengths, but, frankly speaking, it works great and better with length from medium till long one. Ladies with short strands can be slightly disappointed.
One more excellent and crucial point is its speed. Only fifteen minutes you are able to afford even in the rush. Comb’s compact size will let you to grab it to anywhere you desire.


electric hair straightening brushIf talking about disadvantages, I am obliged to take them into confidence with you.
I didn’t notice exceptional radiance or brilliance of strands after straightening process. You will have to add some respective serum for such effect. If you forget to split up locks before straightening, you might meet kinks on your way. It tends to make snag which can be undesirable for you. But there is a simple solution, please comb properly your hair strands before you start the process.
One more point is time of heat up, it is a little bit slower than other ones.

List of useful actions which are highly advised to be launched:

  1. Great shampoo plus conditioner should be the cleaning start.
  2. Please purchase spray which is able to protect you from the heating and respective damages.
  3. Dry strands properly, please avoid any wetness.
  4. Make required sections.
  5. Switch on the brush and wait until it heats up.
  6. Start to comb each created before section.
  7. Add your favorite serum in order to receive long waited effect of radiant hair.

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